Who Told You Decor Can't Be Beautiful & Functional???

When it comes to decor we always start with functionality of space!

1. How do you use the space?

2. If it's a multifunctional space, does your decor offer multifunctional use?

3. Does your space currently meet your needs?

Adding trays into your decor is a great example of how to incorporate a beautiful vignette that also provides beautiful function! This tray features lovely coasters, an impressive frame to display something special to you, along with some vintage books which provide character and spark conversation.

Use your tray for everyday use to house your morning coffee or pull it out for special occasions and display as a serving platter when entertaining. The options are truly limitless! When you shift your perspective about decor you will really begin to buy what you LOVE!

Is it time to reevaluate your space?